Retreat Center

New Mayapur is situated in a haven of peace, amongst the forests and fields of Indre, in the center of France. What better setting to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? We organize regular events centered around the discovery and practice of yoga and its adjacent culture, be it ahimsa cooking, a natural lifestyle, or study of spirituality.

Our Events

Open House Sundays

Come and visit us every Sunday for our open days! Join us for a short and sweet program, starting at 11am and ending at 3pm. You'll discover the castle and its domain, meet our cows, participate in kirtan and much more. A full vegetarian meal is offered at 2pm for all of our guests. Everything is free, but a donation is always appreciated!

Immersion Weekends

Our immersion weekends are a great way to get a head start on vaisnava traditions and culture. Spanning over the course of two days, those weekends are an introduction to the practice of timeless spiritual wisdom, and to show its relevance up to this day. You'll be hosted in our comfortable guest-house and provided with three delicious meals a day, and will have a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals interested in making their lives more meaningful.


Retreats are dedicated to specific topics (such as ayurveda or hatha-yoga, for example), last for a minimum of four days, and are a great way to take a deeper dive into the yoga tradition. Meet our team of qualified teachers and take part in exciting and engaging classes, amongst beautiful surroundings of natural fields and forests.

On-site Accomodation

Book a room in our fully furnished, comfortable guest-house for the duration of your stay.

47 Beds

Shared Bathroom

  • 💤 1 Single Room
  • 💤 8 Double Rooms
  • 💤 1 Triple Room
  • 💤 6 Family Rooms (3 to 5 Beds)

22 Beds

Private Bathrooms

  • 💤 1 Single Room
  • 💤 6 Double Rooms
  • 💤 1 Triple Room
  • 💤 1 Four Beds Room

Upcoming Events

Discover the science of yoga in all of its variety. From practicing asanas to learning the ancient philosophy of Sanskrit texts, or simply getting introduced to our place, we offer a variety of events all year round.


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