A Spiritual Village

New Mayapur, beyond being a temple, is a village comprising people from all walks of life. Our domain is a large property that accommodates bhakti-yoga practitioners, volunteers and visitors alike. Our goal is to provide everyone with the means to live a fulfilling life, through access to material as well as spiritual education, along with practical application of a natural, holistic lifestyle.

An International Community

There are numerous people engaged in making New Mayapur a vibrant society. They are on-site residents, inhabitants of neighboring villages, and even citizens of countries far abroad! New Mayapur is a house where everyone can live.

Creating Beautiful Memories

A place would be nothing without the memories and relationships it creates. New Mayapur is a positive and engaging environment, where every exchange is an opportunity to grow, and where every day is a new opportunity to learn.

Striving for Ecology

According to the Vedas, the Earth is to be considered as a mother, supplying everyone with the means for maintaining themselves. As such, we are striving to make New Mayapur a shining example of a functional ecological community.

A Place for Everyone

New Mayapur is unique, as our community is made of people from several generations. From toddlers to seniors, we are learning everyday to live and thrive together, by communicating openly and honouring our differences. In a modern world where relationships are often fractured between age groups, being able to share loving exchanges amongst each other is a rare and precious gift.